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Filter Sent Emails from Sales Execs in Email Performance Reports

Question asked by 18730 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by 18730
Hi Marketo Folks!

Is there a way to filter out Sales Execs emails from the Email Performance Report? I want to keep Marketing Team emails seperate from email blasts that Sales Execs do using the Sales Insight Add-on. 

Also, anyone whose set this up created any good reports in either Marketo or Salesforce to help their sales teamfind good value?

Thanks all!




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      I'd recommend organizing your marketing programs in a separate folder from your sales emails - then when you create a custom email performance report, select the folder you want to include in the report in your setup tab! (Drag and drop "Marketing Activities Emails" from the right pane into the center, then double-click to specify which folder or individual emails.)

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        I just read your question again - do you mean your sales staff sending the same marketing email as your marketing team?

        In this case, I'd clone the program and name them separately - then the emails published to sales insight will only capture sends by sales, and the emails in the marketing team programs will remain only in Marketo.

        Hope that helps!

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          Hi Brendan,

          Email Performance report does not report on the Emails that are sent by Sales Insight.
          The email performance report gives you insight into the effectiveness of your emails sent by Marketo.  It shows you how many were delivered, clicked, unsubscribed, and more. You can view this by campaign or by email.

          However, You can create a smart list to find out the leads who were sent the sales emails by using " Was sent Sales Email" filter. You also have the option of selecting the constraint "Sent By" to see which sales exec sent the sales email.

          Hope this helps,

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            Great answers everyone! Thank you so much! I think I got all the information now.