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    How to see what programs a lead has been through?

           How can you see what programs a lead has been through?

           I have a list of leads that have registered for an event and I want to look back and see the flow of what programs/campaigns they went through before leading to their rsvp. This is likely an exremely easy question to answer, but I'm not getting any of this data looking at the Activity Log of each lead record. 

           Can you help? 


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          The lead record has a SFDC Campaigns field that has a list of all the SFDC campaigns a lead has been a member of; however, it does not show program program members that are not synched with SFDC campaigns, and they don't show the campaign member status of the SFDC campaigns.

          There are a few other options.
          •           In each lead's Activity Log, you can select the "Smart Campaign" filter and get a list of the changes (e.g. progression status changed to "Registered") that resulted from smart campaigns including those in programs.
          •           If you increment a score field when someone responds to a program (e.g. opens email, clicks email, registers, etc), you can select the "Score" filter in each lead's Activity Log to get a list of of the score changes associated with those programs' smart campaigns.
          •           Finally, you can use a technique suggested by Adam Waterson is to create a field that uses tokens to record the sequence of programs/campaigns in which the lead is a member - Deciding Program Attribution Percentages.