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    Email Throttling

      I am looking to throttle emails so that we are not sending more than 2 emails to a company, even if we have a list that has more than 2 contacts/leads per company.  Any help would be much appreciated!  
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          I don't know of any way to do this effectively without manually creating Static Lists. You could random sample 10% 10 different lists and then sort on Company Name and look through each list to ensure that the proper mix exists. But wow.

          I get this is something of concern. I also wish I could stagger emails to companies so that their spam filter wasn't so nasty.
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            Please vote for the Need ability to throttle email sends Idea


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              Hello Emily,

              That's a tough one to address in the product as it stands.

              Here's some stuff to think about:

              If a given company has 5 leads in your database, would you want to mail the same 2 every time and exclude the same 3? If so, you could try using a custom field to designate your preferred company contacts, and add this to your campaign smart lists.

              Will you be mailing the same people every time, or do you do a lot of changing lists and smart lists? If you're mailing the same people every time, Adam's suggestion above to simply create a static list of your preferred contacts is probably a decent way to go. This is a lot of work to set up if you expect to need many different lists, but it's not too bad if you're doing it once.