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    Unable to change followup page on form with returnURL/retURL

      I'm following along with this article here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyqgCAC and I've hit a stumbling block.

      I've updated the returnURL and retURL hidden fields with the URL I want the page to redirect to, but the form is still redirecting to the follow-up page as set in the landing page.

      Is there any reason why updating these two fields wouldn't work? Do I need to update the landing page so that the follow-up page is "stay on this page"?
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          Did you approve those foollow-up pages after you created them?  If not, they won't be displayed.
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            That is odd. I do all my forms on my own pages and just updating those values seems to work just fine. I just looked at one of the landing pages in Marketo and it looks like the setting I use for the form follow up page is "external url" and then I just put my domain in (though it seems like it could be anything since the returnURL and retURL values work for me).

            Also, have you made sure to update all those other random values like lpID and such? There are a bunch of them and if you miss one it could be using the values from a totally different landing page or form.
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              They're non-Marketo pages. I'm actually trying to have it not redirect at all, really. I just want it to stay on the same page.


              Yeah, I've made all the updates that the article suggests. I'm wondering if I just need to make the landing page redirect to the page I want and just forget about the returnURL/retURL. Those values are definitely not working for me.


              I think I've found the issue. After updating the follow-up page on the landing page and looking at the form it produced, the only noticable difference was the hidden input with the name of "returnLPId". I noticed that, regardless of the returnURL and retURL values, I could make the form go to different follow-up pages by just changing that value. To get the page to respect my returnURL/retURL values, I had to change the returnLPId to -1.

              <input type="hidden" name="returnLPId" value="-1" />
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                I also have problem getting a Marketo landing page to use an overridden thankyou page instructed by the Javascript I put on the landing page.  I noticed that I only came across this problem when the form's Follow-up Type is set to use a Marketo landing page.  There is no problem when the Follow-up Type is set to use an External URL.

                I learned how to use Javascript to override the default returnURL and retURL form fields by following this article https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyxjCAC 

                The above article does not mention anything at all about the need to set the form field returnLPId to -1.  Now after reading through this thread, it makes sense to me now why I was having problem ONLY when the Follow-up Type is set to Marketo landing page, as the form field returnLPId would only appear when the return page is a Marketo page.

                Thanks to Russel U who posted this observation.  I would like to hear if anyone else has come across the same problem and was able to solve the problem by following the suggestion in this thread.

                The article I cited above should be updated/amended to mention setting returnLPId to -1 when internal Marketo pages are set as the Follow-up Type.
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                  Thank you so much for the ReturnID=-1. It solved something we were noticing, which was a "lag" on ReturnURL. The previously set returnURL was updating the webpage. By setting it to -1, it is now reading the correct returnURL. 

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                    I had some trouble updating the return url values when the Submit button was clicked. So my solution was to update the return urls when the triggering field was changed. Then when the submit button was pressed the return urls would already be set:

                         var $jQ = jQuery.noConflict();
                         var campField = $jQ("#Campus_Preference__c");
                         var URL = 'http://www.defaultpage.edu';
                           $jQ(campField).change(function() {
                             var value = this.value;
                               case "Seattle": 
                                  URL = 'http://www.seattlepage.edu';
                           case "Charlotte":
                                  URL = 'http://www.defaultpage.edu';