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Organizing tokens

Question asked by 14cdab05d3fe5228e2b468de69e5d31199f79f20 on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Greg P
Hi all,

We are building a comprehensive cross-regional webinar program template with several different versions of promotional emails. We've decided to use tokens to eliminate the need to go in and edit each email on a weekly basis. We are now realizing that this will require lots of tokens (about 100), and we need the ability to organize them by both region and email version.  I know that we can use a naming convention to do this, but having all these tokens in one view seems a bit overwhelming.

Does anyone have experience/have you run into issues with having to update a large amount of tokens in one program on a regular basis?  The ability to use folders to organize tokens seems like it would be ideal - it's already an idea in the community by Edward M but hasn't received much feedback, so I'm wondering if others have had the same thoughts or if this is a non-issue for most.

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated!