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Div ID keeps changing

Question asked by 899eb9ce50faae737cfc9feab9043343b4c2c957 on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by eb385e490540780da63e97235627a85c7fedb20a
I've got a form landing page I built that includes a custom terms and conditions box I've p[laced on the page. I need to control it to move up on the landing page if a user chooses a particular option (if they choose "Canada" for the country, a number of the insurance questions we ask aren't relevant, so I have javascript that makes them dissapear, and then the Terms box needs to move up).

In any case, I've noticed that the object created by the is given an ID by marketo. And each time I save the landing pafge that the form is on, this ID# changes. Anyone else run in to this? Any way around this?

Any help appreciated. Here is a link to the form/landing page: