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Flames are Missing and Urgency Value is Empty

Question asked by 30573 on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by 7595
A few weeks ago, we deployed and configured Sales Insight and our Lead Scoring. And for several days, stars and flames beautifully projected themselves to our team. As new leads came to us from our website and marketo forms, the priority and urgency seemed to work.  Also, when we deployed sales insight and lead scoring, we carefully followed all the steps from Marketo’s help articles, best practices, and other materials.  However, we came back from the weekend and all flames are now gone for EVERY single lead we have --- including new ones that come in.  The stars (lead score) are still visible.

Lead scoring is still occurring. But the “Urgency Value” field from Marketo to Salesforce is also now empty across old and hot new leads.  Again, all Flames are also gone – empty.


Our settings under Marketo > Admin > Sales Insight > Scoring Fields are configured to the following:

Stars: Lead Score
Flames:  Behavior Score

From my understanding, the Flames are calculated by the most dramatic increase in behavior scores relative to all other leads.  So, why are they are empty for every single lead in our database?

We already opened a support ticket, but the problem has yet to be resolved.  As a result, we have put several marketing programs on hold.  Support sent us a link to a basic lead scoring article in the community, which we already understand well and followed. We have also read other articles on the community but have not found a solution.

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thank you so much!