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Sync from SF not overwriting MKTO data.

Question asked by 13327 on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by 13327
Sooo, say I have a lead, "John Doe"

In John Doe's record he has two fields:
- Lead Source
- Lead Source Details

Due to some temporary issues, we had blocked these fields from updates via SF Sync.

Today, I noticed that these fields for John Doe were different in SF, than from what we have in MKTO. I think: "Ah ha - it's because of that temporary sync block... the field got updated in SF, tried to sync, sync was blocked, didn't sync." So, I remedied the situation and released the sync block on the two fields, as the original issue is now solved.

I waited for the programs to sync... no change in MKTO... I waited for a 2nd sync... no change in MKTO. So, that new value in SF, didn't auto-map/overwrite the older value in MKTO.

I know there's a basic explanation for this... but am not thinking of it.

Possible that once it tries to sync, and can't, it stops trying to sync on future syncs? If that's the case, I may be able to go back and see what other leads this effects, and sort out a good way to update just those records. But, want to make sure I'm thinking through the "why" on the "Why didn't it sync once the block had been removed."

Thoughts? Thanks! - Jen