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Visits Web Page WITH Google Campaign Parameters

Question asked by 10080 on Apr 12, 2013
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We have some short URLs that we use in our direct mail pieces, and we typically have them direct to our home page (or some other generic page) with google campaign parameters on the end of the URL. 

Is there a way that you can use a trigger of visits web page to include campaign parameters on the URL? My gut feeling is no, because the page itself is still index.html or whatever the tracking code is on, but I figured I'd follow up and see if anyone had experience with a way around this issue.

I have thought about driving them through a blank marketo landing page and then using that, but auto redirects from our secured HTTP server to our unsecured marketo server presents security issues and does not auto-redirect correctly. Also, I am aware I could just have a trigger of visits web page = index.html and is member of campaign X, and subsequently make the association that they responded to a direct mail piece, but I'm not totally comfortable with the concept of assuming that because someone visits our homepage they got and followed up with a direct mail piece.

Any insight would be appreciated.