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      New user question...what does being a platinum user do for you?

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          Achieving increasingly higher User Levels helps identify and recognize those that contribute and participate the most and adds a little fun along the way.  The Community is a collaborative learning environment and the more you participate, the more you get out of it.  The points, user levels and awards are like mile markers that let you know how far you've gone in your journey.  Those folks that contribute the most can be recognized as Champions, be invited to participate in Marketo's Advocate program, and have active roles in the annual Summit.  As a new Champion and having just attended my first Summit, I can say that I've rarely had this much fun becoming proficient in a technology solution.
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            Thanks Elliott. That answers the question very well. Any advice on the best learning modules / classes for a brand new user? Just logged in for the first time yesterday to begin our deployment.
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              If you are going to be using most of Marketo, I would strongly recommend the Foundation Build Workshop (virtual is fine).  You can also find numerous tutorials and help articles by clicking the University link at the top of the Community page.