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Sync one marketo to two Salesforce instances with intent to merge salesforces together

Question asked by Jason Krall on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Jason Krall
So here is the situation:

We are using Marketo synced to SFDC. We bought a company using Eloqua tied to their Salesforce. IT is going through the process to merge the Salesforce systems and we are going through the process of merging MAS systems. 

In our analysis the SFDC merge will take more time than the Eloqua to Marketo move.  My question is, how could we use our instance of Marketo, use partitions and separate munchkin codes etc to keep our main marketo synced with SFDC and use the partition to move over and integrate their site and their SFDC together? I know we can only tie one Marketo to one SFDC but someone mentioned using APIs on the partioned version.  

The second area for discussion: Once the SFDCs are combined into one, will this partition process be easier to move as the API would need to be broken anyway? 

Or should I keep them separate until the SFDC systems are synced for ease of transition?  I am looking for advice on this process and can talk offline as needed.  Thanks