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Question asked by 09dc451adee5bc4d34343c17b9162d0450738c68 on Mar 29, 2013
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Has anyone else had difficulty with getting use of secondary devices to maintain/retain "authorization/authentication"?  I work on our campaings not only at our main office, but from two off-site locations on occassion. One location has a standard PC the other a laptop (that pretty much functions as if it were a standard PC...It "travels" rarely).    I have little problem with the off-site standard PC.  I trek back and forth from our mail office to the western location about 1x every 3 mos. to "re-authenticate" the the standard PC.  

Not so easy with the lap top.  Its location is a fair distance from our main office.  I bring it in to authenticate when I know I will be using it -- say over a weekend -- But for some reason, it doesn't "retain" authentication/authorization for more than a log in or two.  Is that BECAUSE it is a laptop and every time I switch back to the a desk top machine at one of the other locations it "undoes" the recognition????  Is there a fix?