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    Dedupe mass records

      I understand the dedupe process but I have thousands of records with duplicates.  Is there some type of automation process that can be applied? 
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          Nicole Mossinger
          Hi Deb:

          We offer a process called "EasyMerge". It's provided by our consultants, based on your specified de-duping requirements. You can get more information by emailing to services@marketo.com.

          Hope this helps!
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            Josh Hill
            You can also use DemandTools or other services, however, there will be some manual work involved before the automation takes over.
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              I've just finished researching the duplicate-related SFDC apps. Below are my notes:

              •                     Dupecatcher                     
                •                               Blocks dupes upon entry
                •                               Free — no-brainer
              •                     Cloudingo                     
                •                               Dedupes existing database and future mass-imports
                •                               Advanced logic?
                •                               $996 per company per year — pretty interesting
              •                     Data Clenser                     
                •                               Block dupes and group existing dupes
                •                               Displays dupes on the lead record
                •                               No advanced logic
                •                               Free trial, but $400 per year for Pro version, which lets you to search across objects and actually merge the dupes
              •                     DemandTools                     
                •                               By CRMfusion
                •                               Would require Parallells Desktop (not Mac-compatible)
                •                               Maintenance:                               
                  •                                         Manipulate, import, extract/export, back-up, object/ownership reassignment
                •                               Cleansing:                               
                  •                                         Single table deduper: batch dedupe by any field
                  •                                         Lead-to-contact: leads vs. contacts to identify should-be contacts/leads
                  •                                         Lead-to-account: lead queues vs. contacts to identify should-be account contacts
                •                               Discovery:                               
                  •                                         Compare a spreadsheet of data to existing SFDC data
                  •                                         Ex: take a list of account names match them up to matching or almost-matching accounts in SFDC
                •                               Verification                               
                  •                                         Address verification via NA and US postal services
                •                               $5K for first admin, and $2.5K per extra admin per year BUT significant discount for <100 SFDC users
              •                     Duplicate Check for Salesforce
              •                     Dupe Dive by RingLead                     
                •                               Shows how your database dupes stacks up against others
                •                               Free
              •                     Unique Entry by RingLead                     
                •                               Literally a real-time dupe catcher (catches them as you type)
                •                               $4.99+ per user per month
              •                     Data Cleanse by RingLead                     
                •                               Independent Lead-Lead, Lead-Contact, Lead-Account, etc filters
                •                               Merge up to 1K leads at once with trial!
                •                               Cost: $999-ish, depending on record count
                •                               Free trial
              •                     Unique Web-to-Lead by Ring Lead                     
                •                               Prevent duplicates from web to lead, filter spam, lead management

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                Great info, David! LaunchPoint, Marketo's Partner Ecosystem, is another great place to look at for de-duping solutions.


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                  Julie, have you found/used any de-duping apps that are integrated directly with Marketo?

                  I see RingLead has a few app pages in Marketo Launchpoint and it looks like they are actually promoting their SFDC apps. To their credit, the Marketo Launchpoint page does say "Marketo Integrated Coming Soon."
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                    Hi David - The RingLead integration is "Coming Soon." Very soon! :) I'll definitely announce in the community when the time comes. 

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                      Thanks everyone.  We are looking at DupeCatcher for the SFDC side, but I need to do some significant clean up on the Marketo side,  so it looks like it may make sense to wait until RingLead is available?
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                        Hi Deb - For an immediate solution you may have to explore other routes. The integration will enable advanced logic for detecting duplicate web form submissions inside of Marketo. RingLead has posted this video in YouTube about Setting up a Webhook in Marketo which is one of many steps in the integration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5_SmGhunpM

                        Stay tuned!    
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                          I have a situation where the duplicates are only in Marketo. Is there anyway I can dedupe in Marketo on mass? I have over 21,000 records to merge.
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                            We have a similar situation. We use DemandTools for SFDC and have since before we bought Marketo. Is there an easy way to mass dedupe in Marketo without purchasing something else?
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                              Hi Joanna,

                              I've recently joined Marketo's consulting team and I can now officially confirm that, as my previous research suggested, there is no way to mass dedupe in Marketo alone without purchasing our EasyMerge service. If you're using DemandTools to delete dupes in SFDC then you can set up a trigger campaign in Marketo to delete these leads from Marketo as well. Do you have MKTO and SFDC completely synced (all leads)?
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                                Thanks for the quick response David! No, we use Marketo as our Marketing database and SFDC as our acquisition and retention database. All contacts in SFDC are in Marketo, but not the other way around. This helps us keep SFDC clean while nurturing less sales ready leads. My problem, is that when we import a list of leads into Marketo, it is not automatically deduping it off the existing database so we end with a lot of duplicates. I'm slowly working my way through them all manually, I was just wondering if there was a different way of going about it.
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                                  Yeah, unfortunately not. List imports should not be creating duplicates in Marketo, btw...
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                                    Amber Hobson
                                    I will say we've used Marketo's EasyMerge to dedupe our Marketo and in turn clean up our exisitng SFDC database while we're searching for the perfect SFDC dedupe tool. I would definitely recommend EasyMerge. It works really well and once it's done, we've discovered as long as we stay on top of it, the dupes from form fills and such are easily managed. We get about 30 duplicates to merge each day, but our database person basically does that as their first thing each morning and it takes about 15-20 minutes.