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    Landing in SPAM Folders

      More of our emails have been landing SPAM folders recently, and we're trying to figure out why.

      I found an article where a Marketo employee said "Leads that are unsubscribed for SPAM complaints will show Unsubscribe Cause as "Spam complaint to ISP"." The problem is none of our unsubscribes show that reason, which can't be right.

      Does anyone have tips on finding out how many unsubscribes have come from SPAM complaints or why this would be happening all of a sudden? Our open rates have dropped a bit but not much, and our deliverability rate is great.
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          Kenneth Elkington
          Hey Zach,

          "Spam Complain to ISP" will only show for spam complaints coming from mail providers which have Feedback Loop agreements with Marketo which you can find here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L3FMCA0
          f you don't have any leads with that unsubscribe cause, then none of your leads have been unsubscribed for this reason.  The best course of action if you're having a high number of emails in spam folders is likely to just review your sending practices and word choice.  Many popular email providers now use recipient engagement, as in clicks and opens, as a metric for determining spam, so refining your smart lists against email activity may be something to consider as well.
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            We have almost 200 unsubscribes from the ISPs with FBL agreements with Marketo including Yahoo! (for which we requested an FBL), but none of these have the "Spam complaint to ISP" in the Unsubscribe Reason field.
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              Josh Hill
              I'd check out the email reputation chapter of my Guide and also Autumn Tyr-Salvia's slides from the 2012 and 2013 Marketo Summits on Deliverability.

              There's a good chance one or more of the following is happening:
              •           FBL issue
              •           sending too many emails to Yahoo, Hotmail, etc OR too many to the same firm.
              •           Sender Rep is lower on your shared IP
              •           Too many spam trap emails have lowered your rep.
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                Hello Zachary,

                If you're seeing more mail in spam filters, there's a host of things that may be going on. I would first recommend verifying that you are using the technical settings for deliverability, SPF & DKIM, and branded tracking links. If you're missing any of those, you might want to set them up.

                Do you use a deliverability testing service such as the IBM deliverability tool from our Deliverability PowerPack? If not, I would recommend investigating one of these services. You can send your email to a number of addresses owned by the testing service at a number of different providers. The service will then tell you if the message goes into the inbox or junk folder, which can be very helpful.

                For more assistance, contact the support team. We have deliverability experts in the support team who can assist you with troubleshooting issues like this. If they aren't able to help, they can also escalate the matter up to the Privacy Team for more in-depth assistance.