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    Opens Not Adding Up?

      I know that open rates are not the best way to measure an emails success however in this particular case there really isn't anything for them to click through too.

      My question is does Marketo count a person more than once as an Open?

      Here is why I ask:

      Sent 1st Email: 75 Opens
      Sent 2nd Email: 99 Opens

      However, my Smart Campaign that I use to set the progression status to Open, if they Open Email 1 or Open Email 2 only has 132 members.  The numbers don't add up.   So I was curious if Marketo is counting the same person twice or if it is also counting emails that were forward along to other people that aren't in the system so they can't be updated by the Smart Campaign
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          Hi Patrick,

          The first figures that you included:
          Sent 1st Email: 75 Opens
          Sent 2nd Email: 99 Opens

          Or these taken from the email report or are these the number of leads in smart lists?

          If they are the numbers from a report then what you may not yet know is that the opens column has some additional logic behind it that caters for "implied opens" 
          It counts any lead that has:
          opened the email
          clicked a link in the email
          unsubscribed from the email

          The reason behid this logic is that Open email activities are logged when a tiny image is detected as having been downloaded. Some email clients have image blockers, this prevents the opens email confirmation. But if someone clicks a link this is still tracked. If they clicked a link this implies that they must have opened the email. More Info

          If this doesn't match your scenario let me know or even better log a case with support and include links tot he campaign and we can look into it.