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    Expired Session - Refresh Browser

      When I use Marketo, I usually have multiple tabs open. Sometimes I get a message from Marketo that says that my session has expired and I will need to refresh my browser. Why does this happen and is there a way besides not opening multiple tabs to avoid this refresh message from Marketo.

      Even when it says my session has expired and I refresh my browser, I am not asked to re-enter my login information.
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          It happens, unattended sessions expire.  I work the same way, 3-4 tabs all the time, so one often winds up unattended long enough to lose it's sessionID.  They had been lasting about 6 hours before expiring, seems like lately that's been bumped down to around 2 hours sometime just this year.  I consider that quite generous.  I seldom let my site's sessions persist more than 15-20 mins unattended if there's no overwhelming reason to expect a page to sit untouched for longer than that.
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            I beg to differ, CraiGrr. I was just exporting leads (only 7,000) and the page expired in the time it took to export so I lost the export. So your definition of "leaving unattended" doesn't match mine. Very frustrating when I'm trying to work a lot of different lists in the database.
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              I agree that this is very frustrating as well. I write numerous emails daily, and I often encounter this issue. It'd be very helpful if there was a "Save Now" button or something so that the WHOLE EMAIL DOESN'T GET DELETED because Marketo can't simply keep us logged in.