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    Universal URL Token

      I use the same external links (call to action links) over and over again across campaings and programs.  Is there a way to create a universal token that I can use for these links that will work across campaigns and programs. This way if the URL changes I just have to change it once and it will change in all locations vs. digging through all the emails to see where I have used it?  I tried just doing a redirect but than I end up with a caching issue. 
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          Hey KC,

          Have you tried using snippets for this purpose? They're a bit less flexible in emails than they are in landing pages, but they could theoretically allow you to have one call to action that is used everywhere, and can be edited in one place.

          Interested to hear more.

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            +1 KC

            I'm having the same issue but it's not just restricted to a URL. This could be ANY type of Token. I'm creating a nurture campaign across each one of our product lines and I want to include a Webinar Title Token within those emails as well as the Webinar Date Token. Since I can't do this, I'm restricted to a simple "register here" without any urgency (date) or description.

            I don't want to have to go and find the nurture program every time our webinar changes since I'd also like to use these "Universal Tokens" across multiple programs.

            I'd love it if there was a "Universal Token" option available in the Design Studio alongside snippets, etc.

            The problem with using snippets is that we can't embed them directly in-line with text.