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    Global Social Buttons

      Is there a reason why I can't create a Social Button in the design studio? Is there any particularly reason why it only exists at the local (program) level? I'm building global landing pages and would like all of them to have share buttons on it.

      I guess I could just create a program called "Social Sharing" and have the buttons live under there. Just curious to see if there was any other reason for this.

      Thanks, community.
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               Hoi, I believe the primary reason is because there's usually customization/variation involved with social buttons. Since tokens can only exist in programs, that is why you can only create local social buttons.

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            But there's no reason to say that you can't create a new program, call it Global Social buttons. Then inside create a local button. Then on every page apply the single button set. You don't have to create a new button per page, you jsut need one per key concept. Like different types of collateral or assets. So you can see, are my events being shared more than my collateral is. Or is embedded into my website more effective than on a Marketo page. You can use one set of button per key concept. But there's no reason you can't use a single set for all pages. 
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              Thanks, Charlie and Adam!

              Charlie, what kind of customization is common with social buttons at the program level? I was intending to use the share button on my whitepaper landing pages which is going to just pull in from the meta tags: Title and Description.

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                You could potentially create a generic share button by specifying that the Share URL is the "Referring Page", making your share messages generic (e.g. “Check this out”), and selecting the "Add Dynamic content (from Meta Tags on page)" option for Facebook. 

                However, I think you'll want to have a unique message for each of your content pages and that is why you probably want to create a new Social Share button for each program / landing page, rather than have a generic one.
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                  By setting the caption and description in the og tag of the LP, you should be able to accomplish this with just a single share button.  We recently added dynamic content for LinkedIn as well, so it is only the twitter message that will have to be generic