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    Google Analytics

      We are seeing major decrepencies between our landing page reports in Marketo and Google analytics.  Is anyone else experiencing these issues?  We have applied all the appropriate codes onto our landing pages, but I can't figure out why there is consistently a 30% difference between the two systems.  If anyone has any ideas on how to get this numbers more aligned please let me know.

      Thanks so much.
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          Are the Marketo reports showing 30% higher than GA? GA may be filtering traffic of employees based on IP address, whereas Marketo does not have this capability.
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            Yes, the Marketo reports are showing the higher numbers, but there aren't enough employees visiting to make that big of a difference.

            Do you have any other ideas?
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              See this discussion from last month (specifically the answer by Brice D on 3/6/2013:

              Hope that helps.

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                After recently getting familar with the Marketo/Salesforce vs using strictly Google Analytics I've noticed that the data doesn't exactly match up on my end too. I recently discovered that there were a lot of Goals being completed via Direct traffic. I drilled down into the Direct traffic and checked to see there are any URLs that contain ?lead_source created via the URL Builder.

                I'm still trying to figure out a solution and haven't heard back from Marketo but I'd see if this is the same issue and lines up with the missing visits that Marketo reports. On the flip side as long as Marketo is capturing the lead_source and creating the lead it's not an issue. It's just nice to see the Top Conversion Paths properly assigned to the proper lead_source vs direct in the multi channel funnels..