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Lead Source Best Practice

Question asked by Benjamin Ortiz on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2013 by 6ad30171a0c9ecb76728548b3efc5e5152a32fb8
Currently we capture lead source (which is never overwritten), Lead Source Recent, and Lead Source Details.
So for Example a webinar registraion for a new lead from our Facebook Page would look like:

Lead Source: Webinar
Lead Source Recent: Webinar
Lead Source Details: Webinar:Facebook Invite

However if this person fills out another form on our website the lead source details will be overwritten and we would not be able to tell where they were referred from. My question is are there any best pracitces for capturing lead source or has anyone implemented a strategy that is working well for them?

I saw this is another community post:
Original Name Source
Original Name Source Details

Current Lead Source
Current Lead Source Details