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    Old Activity History logs in SF, from MKTO actions

      Hey guys!

      We've stopped synching MKTO email actions "Sent/Received/Opened/Clicked" to SF, to cut down on the # of line items it adds to the "Activity History" section within SF (making that area pretty cluttered, and hard to sift through for pertinent notes, etc. that the Sales team posts there.). We're now just relying on Interesting Moments, and the "Email" tab of MKTO Sales Insight inside SF.

      That said, two questions:

      - Should the sales team want to remove previously logged items like this (email sent/delivered/opened, clicked) from their Activity History, is there a fast way to do that? (Beyond doing it one at a time... I see the "Del" next to each item, but, across multiple lines and thousands of records, that wouldn't work.)

      - Feeling precautious... if they DO delete one of these activity history items, will it somehow, in ANY way, impact the Marketo Activity Log for that person - deleting it there as well? Obviously we wouldn't want them to inadvertently remove data from our master set of communication history. I imagine it wouldn't... but checking.

      - Per the above... would the same logic work against "Sent/received, etc. SALES Email" as well (right now, just checking on "Sent Email"... not things sent via Sales Insight... but, if the question arises, want to make certain that the Sales Insight emails would react in the same way. Would assume so, just checking.)

      Thanks - And great seeing some of you at The Summit this week! - Jen

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          You can delete these unneeded Tasks using the Apex Data Loader with SFDC.  It will not affect the activity entry in the Marketo lead record. 

          A year of so ago, we did the same thing except that we kept the "Sales email sent" and "Sales email received" activities in the sync options because the sales team didn't want to have to click the Sales Insight section's Email tab each time they wanted to see the emails they sent.  Also they wanted to see their sales emails in the context of the calls and other activities that are in the Activity History section.
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            Thanks Elliott - That's exactly what we're doing (keeping the Sales email send/received activities... just removing the Marketing-sent versions). Good to know you can do some retroactive clean-up via the Apex Data Loader - will look into that today.  - Jen