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Marketo form on non-Marketo page questions

Question asked by eaf29b206eb090a150dd2ebc21da77e5232c58a3 on May 8, 2013
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Our organization is using different domains between Marketo i-frame (Contact Us) and company website. We encounter an issue to track whole lead activities if he/she has activities across two domains due to cross-domain cookie. Two leads will be generated separately. One of them is anonymous lead with activities on the company website, and the other one is identified lead with name with registration activity on Contact Us form.

We were suggested to use the concept of "Marketo form on non-Marketo page". We did review the article ( and would like to confirm our understanding. What we are understanding is that there is an another way to manage a Marketo form with this concept. In that way, by copying page source of landing page (HTML), we can make a Marketo form appear on the company website and can imply to have this form in the same domain as company website. The ability of Marketo form will be still remained to track lead activities with munchkin code, and the lead activities can be tracked for the whole session of single browser cookie. 

Our questions
1. Is our understanding above correct ?
2. Does the lead information still pass through Marketo channel and handled by Marketo database similar to what we are using Marketo i-frame now ?
3. From our research, will we lose functionalities of Progressive Profiling and Pre-Population ?
4. In terms of security perspective, how do we manage spam filtering on non-Marketo landing page form ? I understand that using i-frame, Marketo has protection with hidden field.
5. In the near future, if we implement SSL with all Marketo landing page, is it still applicable to use this concept of "Marketo form on non-Marketo page" with no conflicts and impacts ? Do we have to re-visit and correct page source (HTML) at every website we implement this concept ?

Thank you very much in advance for all of your responses.
Kind Regards,
Taworn D.