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    UTM URL tracking

      We use UTM codes in advertising and email links to tie back to specific campaigns. Is there anyway I can identify whether a lead came to the site using a specific UTM code? 
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          Josh Hill


               There are some threads on using url parameters. Here are some steps to try:

          1.           create custom fields matching the utm codes
          2.           insert those into the PPC form as hidden fields from URL Parameter. 
          3.           select a default if needed
          4.           construct a URL and test this with a test lead
          5.           view the code in the custom marketo field.
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            Kenny Elkington
            Hey Liat,

            You can use the "Original Referrer" filter to see if there were specific UTM parameters in the URL when the lead first visited your page.  Typically you would use "Contains [UTM Parameter]=[Value]" for specific values.
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              Seems like a lead could visit you as an anonymous lead and never fill out a landing page. In that case, the anonymous lead has important information that may never make it into your MArketo custom field. If you later merge the anonymous lead and the known lead, how can you get that information into the field? Does anyone routinely do this?