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    SOAP API: Duplicates of identical Lead returned in SOAP response

      We faced an intermittent issues when querying Lead via the SOAP API by using 'last-updated-at' as a key - where the API will return more than one occurence of the same Lead in the XML response.

      Here's an example, in a query where the API returns 10k ~ 20k of Leads in the xml response - there's 1 or 2 leads (sometimes a handful) with the same ID and data returned in the xml. So we are seeing 2 snippets of identical xml for a lead.

      If the resultset is larger (i.e. our Marketo admin user performs a mass update, resulting in the API to throw in 100k Leads into the result), the chances of getting the duplicates will be higher. 

      XML Request: 

      I can't give a solid example of XML request to replicate the issue because of its intermittent nature and evolving query (based on last-updated-at). It does however seem to relate to mass update in Marketo - when a mass update happened last night, we were getting a lot of duplicated leads with same ID. 

      I am not sure if this is a known issue or if someone has reported it before, but it would be great if you can provide us a hint on how can we avoid the dupes (i.e. adding an additional param to our request). 
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          Ok - to add more details to my issue, we actually narrowed the scope: we found that the duplicates were probably caused by the page switching in the SOAP API:

          For example, each data page contains 1,000 lead records.

          Lead A exist in data page #12 as last entry.

          When we proceed to load data page #13, Lead A is loaded yet again as the first entry. 

          This caused us to see 2 Lead A entries, even they are in different data page. This is not supposed to happen.

          This of course is not happening to all pages, it adds a bit more of complexity to the issue. I am hoping that someone from Marketo can confirm if this is a bug.

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            The getMultipleLeads call queries the Marketo database each time it is called regardless of the page being requested so it is possible that more leads fit the result criteria and therefore a lead (or leads) that were returned on page 1 of a previous call are now on page 2. 

            When using paging, recommend the use of filter logic after traversing the pages.