Sales Beat is designed to be the go-to feed for Sales Managers to give you high-level insights into what is going on across your team!

Sales Beat comes with 9 notification cards - these cards bubble up highlights already being reported in the other Analytics pages!

So what about these cards?

(1) There are 9 cards with data associated with them:

         (a) 7 cards are team-wide (meaning, they pull in data around the team as a                     whole)

         (b) 2 cards are your own personal stats

(2) Almost every card is using metrics pulled from TODAY

         (a) The only card that uses yesterday’s data set, is the Team Activity card

(3) All cards get disseminated across the entire team

(4) Cards populate at different times pre-determined by ToutApp

(5) When a card gets pushed to Sales Beat, an alert will populate in the “Sales Beat” section of the LiveFeed and in the 'Fire Icon'

NOTE: Sales Beat is only available for Team plans (g3startup and g3smallteam) and Enterprise plans.

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