We Hear Your Feedback! Next-Generation Experience Product Updates

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

We have been blown away by the amount of feedback we have gotten from customers about the next-generation experience via the “Give Feedback” button in the new global navigation bar.


Based on your thoughtful feedback, our product, UX, and engineering teams have been hard at work to improve your experience with things both large and small.



Coming in Q1:

  • Drag and Drop in the Tree: In Q1, we will be restoring drag and drop to the tree in the next-generation experience. In the meantime, remember that you can right click on an asset and use the “Move” action to move assets around in the tree.
  • Updated Icons & State Badges: After extensive testing and user feedback, we will be rolling out updated icons and state badges for enhanced readability in the next-generation experience.
  • Addition of Search Filters to Tree and Global Search

Coming in March:

  • Save User Location When Switching App Areas: Once you have clicked an asset in Marketing Activities, switch app areas, then return to Marketing Activities, you will be returned to the asset you last clicked on rather than the default screen.
  • Browser Tabs: You will be able to see the workspace, asset name, and app area from your browser tab.
  • New Folder Name Auto-Select: When creating a new folder, the name field will automatically be selected for you to begin typing.

Already Delivered

  • Support for Workspaces & Partitions: The next-generation tree and global navigation can now be used with multiple workspaces and partitions.


We look forward to continuing to receive your valuable feedback and continue to build a next-generation experience for you.

Marketo Employee
Level 2

Thank you for sharing this info, but probably restoring this feature to ease out our life, but sometimes while dragging and dropping or while navigating from one folder to another it moves the program from one location to another and causes updates to Tokens. Can't we add an additional check prompt, i.e. Whenever we move a program from one location to another instead of doing it in one go, it will ask for the user confirmation, if they are sure to move the required Program or Asset and then make acknowledgement, having two levels of check will save our life if accidentally user selects the wrong program or wrong location and unnecessary churn at Token update side can be ignored.

Level 10

@Neha_Verma__1GD you could try just using the "move" functionality if you'd prefer to have a confirmation action to be sure things end up in the right folder. I like the idea that you can drag-n-drop without any add'l clicks when you need to and then use the "move" command instead when you need more precision, but I think it'd feel like a wasted click most of the time if you always had to do some sort of confirming action when you did the drag-n-drop.

Level 1

As a power user, I'm happy the drag and drop is back. However, I agree with @Neha_Verma__1GD as I have a few team members who don't log in regularly and I worry they may inadvertently move things. It would be great if this punctuality was limited to user roles rather than open to everyone. Great to see these improvements! And loving the coloured icons!