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Live with LaunchPoint - RingLead


Welcome to back to our latest series, Live with LaunchPoint! Here we introduce our amazing LaunchPoint Partners who help enhance Marketo Engage by building marketing apps specifically for the Marketo ecosystem.


In our fourth edition, we speak with RingLead's Carly Koster - Director Strategic Partnerships and Strategy. Carly discusses how RingLead can help you clean up duplicates in your database, how RingLead integrates with Marketo Engage, and more. 


If you'd like to learn more about RingLead, you can check out their LaunchPoint page here, and let us know which partners you'd like to see next!

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Re: Live with LaunchPoint - RingLead

Good to hear about solutions to help with clean data. It is something that marketers are commonly focusing on.

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Re: Live with LaunchPoint - RingLead

Thank you for sharing. It's always good to know about maintaining a clean database

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Re: Live with LaunchPoint - RingLead

Loved hearing about RingLead solutions. Dirty data has been the #1 issue of every company I've worked for.

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Re: Live with LaunchPoint - RingLead

Its's great to hear about different ways to clean-up or dirty data!

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