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Fearless Forum 16

Hey Marketing Nation! 


Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the Fearless Forum! In our latest edition, read about the upcoming next generation Marketo Engage user experience, do a deep dive into Segmentation and Email Programs with our Champion and Champion Alumni, watch a practical video walkthrough on how to optimize your Marketo morning routine, and much more! 



In this edition, we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you: 


Marketo Expert Series with Amy Goldfine: Formerly called the Marketo Master Class, this video series is all about expert Marketo Engage users providing their best practices and knowledge on how to excel in Marketo. This video features Marketo Champion Amy Goldfine, who discusses her best advice for new users getting started in Marketo, as well as her morning routine in Marketo.


The Next-Generation Marketo Engage Experience: Read about the upcoming Marketo Engage experience that brings the look and feel of Adobe Experience Cloud to help Marketo practitioners work faster and smarter. Check out the blog from Alexandra here.


Insights from Marketo Champion Office Hours: We recently launched the Marketo Engage Champion Office hours, which is a monthly virtual series where Marketo Champions answer 60 minutes of live audience questions. Read Champion Chris Wilcox's responses in this blog here!


Marketing Nation Community UpdateWe recently added a new feature to the Marketing Nation Community to provide a new and refreshing way to discover Community content. Read about this feature and how to use it in our Community blog here!


Champion Spotlight with Beth Massura: In this new series, we speak with Marketo Champions to learn about how they got started in Marketo Engage, what their favorite things to do in Marketo are, and more! Learn more about our featured Champion Beth Massura here!


Marketo Success Series - SegmentationIn this series, we partner with Marketo Champions and Champion Alumni to fully explore how some of our most celebrated Marketo experts are using Marketo to drive success. In this edition, we teamed up with Marketo Champion @Chelsea_Kiko. Read her blog here as she discusses what a Segmentation is, when to use it, how to add Dynamic Content, and much more!


Marketo Success Series - Email Programs In this edition, we teamed up with Marketo Champion Alumni @Nicholas_Hajdin, who is a Digital Technology Manager at Accenture. Read Nick's blog here as he covers his best practices for creating programs in Marketo Engage, how to make sense of email program settings, creating an email program, A/B testing, and much more! 


Adobe Bizible on DemandGen TV: Watch a 3-part series about Bizible with Adobe Account Executive, Taylor Carlson, and DemandGen CEO, David Lewis. Watch the video series to learn more about the platform functionality, how reporting works in Bizible, how Bizible can be used to enhance your CRM, and more.


Setting Up Your Mobile Marketing Stack: Adobe Exchange partner Branch does an in-depth analysis on the current Mobile Marketing landscape, highlighting industry trends and key players in each mobile marketing component. Read about it in their blog.



Have any comments or questions? Let us know about this month's Fearless Forum or what you'd like to see next in the comments section below! 


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Re: Fearless Forum 16

Love learning more about the Adobe team!

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Re: Fearless Forum 16

Always great content in the fearless forum! Love hearing about the champs and blogs & videos from the champs!