Blind Form Submit

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Blind Form Submit

I did go through a couple of other threads with regards to this but could not make it. Here is what we are trying to accomplish:

For email sends, display ads, LinkedIn ads etc, if we already know the contact we don't want them to fill the form out but instead we want them to be redirected to the thank you page directly while still making sure a valid marketing response is being captured on the back-end and obviously if we don't know the contact they would be presented with the form on the landing page. Please advise on how to do this, thanks.

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Re: Blind Form Submit

dynamic content with a redirect or auto trigger click submit on KV form


dynamic content:

If your landing pages are marketo ones, set up a segmentation that has email address is not empty

use this segmentation for dynamic content on your landing pages

use a javascript redirect to the thank you page

track hits to thank you page as people who've reached goal


trigger click submit on KV form (has a delay as form needs to load first before anything can happen):

set your form to show custom html to known visitors

edit the custom html to load a dom element with a unique id

add MktoForms2.whenReady script to the page that triggers a click on the submit button if the dom with the unique id has length