Re: Wait Step - Possible to use day as a filter?

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Wait Step - Possible to use day as a filter?

I am trying to put together a more sophisticated email flow for an upcoming campaign and was curious if it was possible to use an actual day as the criteria for the wait step. I am using a smart campaign and having the email flow take place in the flow section.

For example, I would have email one go out on a Tuesday, so in the first wait step I would have the wait step say wait until Tuesday, with the flow ending on Tuesday at 10 am.  We would have people continually added so I would only want them to receive the first email on a Tuesday.


Later in the cadence, I have an email going out on a thursday and want people to wait until the following Thursday to recieve the next email.  I put in next thursday as the duration and no error came up, but wasn't sure if using a day is a possible duration option (they don't mention it in the help text or in the documentation).


I was curious if anyone may have done something like this in the past and know this is doable.  If not, did you use a different campaign type to set this up?  Thank you in advance for any feedback on this.

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Re: Wait Step - Possible to use day as a filter?

Could you insert an additional wait step for 3 days from when the email is sent on Tuesday? This way you are on Friday and you can push to the following Thursday more easily.

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Re: Wait Step - Possible to use day as a filter?

I haven't actually tested this but it seems to me this should do the trick, give it a try?

Set the wait step to a minimum (1 min or 1 sec). Then use the option Must End On: in the advanced Wait step settings.

The flow will wait until Tuesday 10AM even if the Duration has already passed.

See Use a Duration in a Wait Flow Step - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

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