Re: UTMs and Lead Source

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UTMs and Lead Source

We recently began using lead source and lead source detail. We now want to implement UTMs. We're thinking these will somewhat work together but need some help. We plan on using UTMs in emails, social, content syndication, etc. when we are not adding unique content to an already existing LP or web page. We want to have a flow like "change data value: person source = {{lead.UTM source}}" to pull from our UTMs. My question is, how do we write to update lead source to a picklist value if we do not have UTMs on a given link?

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Re: UTMs and Lead Source

Hi there, 

I'm pretty familiar with using UTMs and tracking lead sources, but I'm not sure I understand your question. Would be happy to discuss more with you if you still need help with this. 

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Re: UTMs and Lead Source

Echoing Britney’s response, the question isn’t clear.


In “... to update lead source to a picklist value” what picklist are you referring to?


Do you mean having different choices in a Change Data Value flow step, so you can choose a value for Person Source based on criteria other than the utm_source in cases where utm_source wasn’t present in the URL? If so, what other criteria?