Unable to add iOS devices for notifications

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Unable to add iOS devices for notifications

Hi All,


We've faced issues specifically with adding iOS test devices in two of our three environments. Upon scanning a QR code the device reports “The URL does not match this application.” as seen in the picture below.



This issue occurs on our “Test” and “Production (Live)” environment, when registering an iOS device but not our “Development” environment. This issue does not occur on Android


Our app is written in React Native (0.70.3) and we’re using Marketo-iOS-SDK (0.8.4). We've already reviewed the following documentation with no luck in finding a solution


Each environment has its own unique bundle identifier.

Our “URL Types” configuration:




Additionally, we have ensured that the “Remote Notifications” within background modes is checked and that the Push Notifications feature is added to the project.


Has anyone faces similar issues, and could suggest a resolution?