Tagging individual records

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Tagging individual records

Hi there.

Does Marketo have a way to tag individual records with selectable information, such as when they click on a link to an email? For example, if the subject of the email is "intellectual property", is there a way to append "intellectual property" to a record taking action on the email so that I can select by that criterion in future smart lists and reports?



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Re: Tagging individual records

You can try writing Interesting moments, there's a special filter called "Had Interesting Moment" which you can then use to filter for descriptions

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Re: Tagging individual records

This can be done in a flow step listening for the specific action.  Example: 


Smart List Filter

- Clicks Link in Email

    -Email is [1 or many emails within a category], or 

    -Constraint - Link contains [xxxx]


Flow Steps

- Change Data Value

    -Attribute: [custom field] New Value: [intellectual property]


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Re: Tagging individual records

Would be good to be more specific about what you mean by “tag”.


Jay’s suggestion is very scalable but is not technically a person-level field, rather an Activity Log entry. It will technically expire after 2 years.


Jazmine’s suggestion is permanent as it alters a field on the lead, but it’s not as instantly scalable because a new field would be required for every interest. (I would suggest a DateTime field like Intellectual Property Interest DT rather than a generic string field, but the same applies.)