Samsung Emails and the <th> vs <td> tags

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Samsung Emails and the <th> vs <td> tags

Hello there!

I just switched from an Iphone to a Galaxy S9 and began reviewing our email templates on my new phone. I found an issue where our responsive design is not displaying on the Galaxy S9. I heard a trick that you can fix that issue and get your tables to stack by replaces the <td> tag with the <th> tag. However, it doesn't seem like any Marketo Modules can exist on a <th> tag. When I try to implement it anyway, I get this nasty error:

Error: Invalid Container Element: #template-wrapper

We've tested our emails on Email on Acid and I haven't seen this issue pop up. But it seems to be something others are noticing, as well, so I'd like to fix the problem. Any ideas?