Sales Insight - exclude/strip tags on paste

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Sales Insight - exclude/strip tags on paste

We have a Marketo email made available to sales reps in Salesforce, using Sales insight. 


When a user copies a block of content from a separate email (bulleted list with links) then pastes it into the Sales Insight email, formatting can often get pretty chewed up. Which is understandable, but also a pain to fix because the Sales Insight text editor just doesn't make it easy to fix. 


So, my question: Is there a way to strip or prevent the code getting placed into the template? I could ask the sales rep to copy to a text editor and paste from there - but... it's a sales rep. We're adding steps they won't like, and maybe wouldn't do. Then they get frustrated with the Sales Insight tool and don't use it.

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Re: Sales Insight - exclude/strip tags on paste

Hi Charles,


I think what you might be looking for is the Right Click, "Paste as plain text" or "Paste and Match Style" options on Windows and Mac OS. 


These options will paste just the text, removing all formatting/code that has been copied, allowing the template to take more control over the text formatting.