RCE filters not working

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RCE filters not working

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a Program Opportunity Analysis report in RCE. I added 7 filters because the data I was getting was too broad, and RCE kept telling me to add filters to narrow the results. The results went from 19,000+ to 81,000+ to 245,000+, and now I'm getting an error message that basically says my query is too broad and would take too long to run. I'm so confused. Am I doing something wrong here? Isn't the only way to set up filters in RCE to use the ALL filter setting, not ANY or OR? When I add filters, the number of results should go down, not up.



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Re: RCE filters not working

We've been experiencing similar issues - with ad-hoc reports as well as subscriptions.  Even for extremely simply reports that analyze email sends for a single month.  I opened a ticket with Support and was told the following:

The reason that subscriptions fail to send are because they timed out - the usual cause behind this is that there's too much data.  A secondary reason is that there's not enough processing power to be shared with processing the report ... Revenue Cycle Explorer is a 3rd Party OEM that Marketo is using. There are limitations with using this reporting, and Marketo is unable to add additional resources to this process because it is of a 3rd Party.

Support often suggests "workarounds" like limiting our filters and/or reporting period - to as little as a week - and piece together the data using Excel.  I was pretty flabbergasted by this response.

I always thought that Marketo acquired RCE from a 3rd party and integrated it within their platform.  I didn't realize that they were using a white-label service and branded it as a Marketo add-on.  Nevertheless, I find these responses/reasons unacceptable - especially since we are paying extra for this add-on capability.  I really hope Marketo invests the necessary resources/costs to develop a more capable advanced analytics capability for those of us that need - and pay for - reporting/analytics beyond the core platform.