One form, multiple resources redirect download

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One form, multiple resources redirect download

Can I use one form for multiple resource downloads? Or does each resource need its own unique form? I have 6 white papers to download and I would like to capture lead data (duh) by using a form for a download but I'm not sure if I need to use a unique form for each one. Thanks!!! Sanford Whiteman

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Re: One form, multiple resources redirect download

There's certainly no inherent reason to use different forms for different resources, and it will make your life easier to just have a few global forms.

The question is merely how you to distinguish the location/purpose of a given Filled Out Form activity, so you know which document to send/log. There are different ways to accomplish this, just choose one and try to stick with it:

  • use the Web Page constraint of the Filled Out Form (for embedded forms on your corporate site, check the Referrer to get the same idea)
  • add a hidden field to the form that maps to a field like Last Document Requested, then check that field's value
  • narrow the Filled Out Form activities to the LP(s) in a given program, and store the document URL in a program-level {{my.token}}