Re: Not Owner Was Changed - filter not working

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Not Owner Was Changed - filter not working

Both the active and inactive filter for "Owner was Changed" does not work when trying to refer to a SFDC queue (instead of user). Is anyone else seeing this issue? For example, we have a "Garbage" queue where our inside sales group puts bad leads - we have an automated welcome program and we want to exclude any leads added to the garbage queue and so we're trying to use this filter: 

Not Owner Was Changed, Owner Name is " Garbage" - which to me reads, "owner was not changed to the 'Garbage' queue" - it could have been changed to any other value or not changed at all though...this filter is not working however. 

We can't use any of the lead attribute filters as you can't isolate a SFDC queue as an owner that way - the options being: Lead Owner First Name, Lead Owner Last Name, queue is accomodated - and so we have to use Owner was changed as the filter option to isolate queue and that's not working - anyone have the same problem or a workaround?


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Re: Not Owner Was Changed - filter not working

Queues are not supported in this way. The only way to see a Queue is on Sync Lead to SFDC or Change Owner. The other Owner filters do not support Queues. I think there's an idea to fix that.