New Filters in Marketo Engage!

Marketo Employee

New Filters in Marketo Engage!

Hello Marketo Nation,

Smartlist Filters are a powerful core features in Marketo that help you set your criteria for selecting audience. As a part of Predictive audiences(Sensei/Artificial Intelligence-based predictions for leads), we introduced 5 new filters in the Smart Lists.


Picture 1.png


We have the following five predictive filters as a part of Predictive Audiences:

  • Likely to Attend
  • Likely to Register
  • Likely to Unsubscribe
  • Lookalike of Program members
  • Lookalike of Smartlist members


How can you use them today?
Currently, we have released these features as a closed beta.  Get a headstart on exploring this latest & new features by joining our Beta program by signing the Adobe DX Closed Beta Agreement (and specify, as your Adobe Contact)! 


Beta Instructions and Feature overview


Know more about the Predictive audiences and Beta program from the link below:


Questions? Send us an email at or