Minifying Munchkin & Forms Tags

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Minifying Munchkin & Forms Tags

Hi I am working on our website's google pagespeed insight score and was wondering if anyone has a solution? I am looking to minimize the forms css, Also, the munchkin tag needs to be minimized as well, Has anyone had any luck getting minimized versions of these tags from Marketo?



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Re: Minifying Munchkin & Forms Tags

Also, the munchkin tag needs to be minimized as well,

This is a useless microoptimizaton: you'd be compressing 1278 bytes to 747 bytes for a whopping savings of 500 bytes.  Don't waste time with this. There's a reason that very small files are not typically compressed.

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Re: Minifying Munchkin & Forms Tags

I tend to agree that this is a micro-optimization. However, many people live and die by metrics provided by such tools as Google PageSpeed Insights. As a marketing web developer, I have to answer many questions about "why can't we get this score higher".

In my instance I've minified, gzipped, concatenated and deferred just about every script and stylesheet and asset that I can get my hands on, but third party requests for things like Marketo Munchkin are still showing up as possible optimizations.