Max number of filters per smart list

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Max number of filters per smart list


It looks I am using too many filters - some of my smart lists are getting stuck forever. Especially if I use advanced logic for filters. I started splitting them into different smart lists to make them usable.

Do you have any ideas what numer of filters is getting critical and significantly slowing smart lists?

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Re: Max number of filters per smart list

Hi Elena,

I am uncertain about if there is an given number of filters that would slow down the calculation of a smart list, but I do know if you are using a lot of contains/not contains and starts with/not starts with filters, this can sometimes slow down the time it takes for your smart list to generate. If you can, try using the exact values of the fields you are including in your smart list and utilize the is/is not filter.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Max number of filters per smart list

I completely agree with Val. The "contains" wreaks havoc on the performance of the list.

I'm not sure which filters you are using, but utilizing segmentation could help you eliminate some filters. Just a thought!