Marketo Measure (Bizible): Stage Mapping

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Marketo Measure (Bizible): Stage Mapping

Hi Marketo & Marketo Measure Community, 


I'm trying to find more information on handling the stage mapping in Marketo Measure (Bizible). 


If there was a scenario where two types of opportunities had different stages (or at least one type of opportunity had less stages associated), how would that be built in Marketo Measure's Stage Mapping? 


For example a renewal won't need to go through all opportunity stages, but a new business opportunity type would need to. In the current Bizible setup it would track any renewals through all the stages if it reaches one of the ones in later in the funnel. 

Are there any recommendations or work-arounds on how to ensure that touchpoints wouldn't receive a touchpoint position of stages it never went through?


I've built criteria into the stage mapping to say opportunity stage is 'x' and opportunity type is not 'y', but the touchpoint positions are still showing stages that shouldn't be associated with a renewal. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!