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Re: Marketo DataBase Architecture

It would be more user friendly if you provide a delete option for the replies. So, that if no one is answering the query asked in reply i.e., because of basic human nature that he would read heading and the first query and check the first reply and leave that thread. So, In that case a user would can create a new thread with detailed info and delete the query asked in the replies this would solve all the issues for both client who's asking queries and the one who's helping.

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Re: Marketo DataBase Architecture

@abhishek_c ,

  1. who is the 'you' you are referring to?  Neither Sanford nor I work for Adobe.  Like all of those who contribute, we are people who use Marketo on a day to day basis and volunteer our time to the community to help people with issues.
  2. You've achieved something quite remarkable - namely, you've alienated one of the most helpful, giving, and knowledgeable people in the entire Marketo community - Sanford (who doesn't need me to go in to bat for him, but what the heck).  You might want to ponder that!
  3. You've been given really good answers to your questions.  The quality of the answers (which are FREE, but which take up our (billable) time) could do with some acknowledgement.
  4. As I said to you in my reply yesterday, I think you need to step back a little.  You are having a go at people who are trying to help you (and we are genuinely trying to help), while refusing to acknowledge your lack of forum etiquette.

if that was all TL;DR - try this.  Chill, Be Nice, Be Patient, Acknowledge when you've been helped.




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Re: Marketo DataBase Architecture

@Jo_Pitts1, I really appreciate the help which is provided by Sanford. I was always being nice and I even said many times like in reply no one was answering and after many hours with no response I created a new thread and thought of deleting the reply in existing thread but there was no option.

  1. I already told in that thread please refer to the main thread in that reply too. I don't understand how the lack of forum etiquette came in this.
  2. If you can check all my threads it has thanks for helping in replies at last you can verify it. So, is it not the acknowledgement or appreciate from my side given to that person??

To be frank if anything is wasting my time then I just ignore and go on rather creating more hate rate by posting unnecessary paragraphs of text just for creating a new thread. posting paragraphs of text would waste more time if I'm not wrong.


I think you need to be nice to all and say it in good etiquette way and it would be great if you're polite. FYI, I replied to Sanford right, I don't understand what is bothering you to come in the others conversation and post I think that should come under lack of forum etiquette.


 need to try this.  Chill, Be Nice to all.