How do you like to set up your Tags?

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How do you like to set up your Tags?

I'm curious about how other like to set up their Tags in Marketo - especially channel tagging. I prefer a system that allows me to set up a single Program for external channels, and use UTM parameters to capture source. I find the out-of-the-box Channel Tags aren't scaleable. But I'm curious - what're you doing? #channel tag #program tags

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Re: How do you like to set up your Tags?

Given that tags seems to be a system to track program-level metrics based on flexible categories - most widely used is tracking program status for campaigns. For sources, we see examples of having dedicated source-specific SFDC campaigns to attribute success and pushing qualified leads in Marketo via choices towards SFDC (UTM is xyz, then add to SFDC-xyz, and so on) - one example could be having this sync enabled on program level and matching the source(Defined by channel) to SFDC campaigns - with pros/cons.

Triggering follow up processing based on program status change can sometimes accomodate a complete set of leads including the connected apps (if we have integrations, and statuses also map to the parties integrated)

Have rarely came across unique cases beyond the out-of-box scope, but looking for more ideas! Though UTMs and source tracking is more relevant since these are usually based of delivery techniques.

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Re: How do you like to set up your Tags?

Let's first say that you don't want Marketo Tags, which are a superset of Marketo Channel Types.

You want UTM params to do channel-offer tracking for attribution.

You searched for channel offer - Marketing Rockstar Guides 

I can't find the exact link but there are attribution suggestions there.

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