Form custom css not working on website

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Form custom css not working on website

Does anyone know why custom css added to a form wouldn't work when the form is embedded on the website? It is working when I previewed it in Marketo. I used some custom css to horizontally align the radio buttons on a form, but when the embed code is placed on the website, the radio buttons revert back to being vertical. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Re: Form custom css not working on website

There's usually some conflict between the CMS stylesheet and the Marketo Forms styling - usually it's got something to do with the "strength" of the selector you're using. In most modern CMSs that I've seen, the CSS is written too specifically when it's compiled that you end up having to override it with even more specific selectors than you'd think you'd have to.


Could you post a link to the page where the radio is NOT showing up as you'd expect on the site? I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can help figure out a solution here.