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Filter a large account list

We are moving to an outsource outbound sales process were we have a number of accounts flagged as "no fly zone". I'm wondering if there is an easy way with Marketo to take the account list (about 850 accounts) and use that as a smart list to pull any leads in SFDC and re-assign them to a queue. Has anyone set up this type of system?

Richard Wasylynchuk
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Re: Filter a large account list

I believe you will have to do this from the SFDC side

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Re: Filter a large account list

Hi Richard,

Marketo cannot edit account records. Period. So obviously it cannot change account owners.

We could imagine a workaround in SFDC to propagate a contact owner change to the account, but it will necessary be complex (using triggers or process builded + flow) since simple SFDC workflows cannot propagate owner changes, AFAIK. It would be only worth if you have to do this repeatedly. For a one shot, just do it is SFDC as recommended by Jamie.