Fields in Marketo - SFDC (duplicate fields for Lead and Account)

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Fields in Marketo - SFDC (duplicate fields for Lead and Account)

I need some help sorting through an issue I am having with fields in SFDC. I currently have a set of key qualifier fields that I use on all of my forms. These fields are converted up to the account level in SFDC when a lead is converted because the fields are relevant to the company data vs. the contact.

The issue that I am having is when someone fills out the form as a lead, it's not a problem. But if they come back and fill out the data as a contact marketo does not update the data at the account level and therefore it's not visible in SFDC.

I also now have two sets up of fields in SFDC when I am doing smart lists. One field that is on the lead level and then one field that is on the account. See attached screenshot. I have the same field at the lead and account level which means when I want to run a smart list I have to consider both of these fields.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I know this isn't the right, but not sure how to fix.


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Re: Fields in Marketo - SFDC (duplicate fields for Lead and Account)

Yes, you have Orphan fields in SFDC.

Let's say you mapped this in SFDC

  • Lead Source on Lead > Lead Source on Contact
  • This appears as "lead Source" in Marketo.

Let's say you did NOT map these in SFDC, you could end up with

  • Lead Source (L)
  • Lead Source (C)
  • Lead Source (A)

and when you use each one, you will get totally different results because they are different REcord Types. So you would need to use Lead Source (L) OR Lead Source (C) to get both leads and Contacts.

Same issue if you map, or don't, to Account object instead.

But since your fields is mapped to the Account, Marketo cannot update Account fields, only Contacts. I would suggest creating or mapping to a Contact field instead/addition to. Your SFDC Admin can help more on this.

if you wanted to fully correct this, it may be possible, but it's a pain. I'd just start to map to the Contact field. Then, in SFDC, use logic to handle the Account field if you need it. The Account field will only be updated on the initial creation anyway.