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EasyMerge Service

Is the EasyMerge service fee too much or is it just me?

I am new to Marketo and I am completely at a loss for words that I do not have the capability to easily merge leads on a mass scale (as an admin) with the rules that I decide are important.


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Re: EasyMerge Service

Hi Dolores,

Aside of the easymerge service, there a few launchpoint partners that can help:

  • Rindlead
  • Leadonance

And BtW, other vendors (e.g. salesforce) have the same policy. SFDC CRM provide a duplicate prevention (with which you can prevent the creation of duplicates) but no mass merging feature.


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Re: EasyMerge Service

Hi Dolores,

At Grazitti Interactive we have helped many Marketo customers with our custom de-dupe solutions for real time lead merge and clean database in Marketo.

With this, you can:

• Merge leads with duplicate emails and similar details. (You can customized the rule set as per your requirement)

• Get Real-time lead de-dupe solution deployed within a day. (No manual effort required)

Grazitti Lead Merge Solution can be implemented for one-time clean-up, as well as a real time lead merge solution. Would be happy to setup a time for a live demo and to answer your queries. Drop me a line at shailendrap@grazitti.com


Shailendra Pratap

Marketo Consultant | Grazitti Interactive

M +1-650 417 9738 | E: shailendrap@grazitti.com

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Re: EasyMerge Service

I think you are better off just thinking about it as Marketo does not have an out of the box mass merge solution and you need a third party tool.

The EasyMerge service was designed for one specific scenario - if you are using Marketo standalone at first and have a large number of people in your database, then decide down the track to sync it to a CRM (it was designed specifically for Salesforce but it can be used for Dynamics in certain circumstances) the rules governing the Marketo-Salesforce sync mean if you have the same leads in your CRM you'd get duplicate leads in Marketo on the initial sync.

EasyMerge was designed as a one-off service to help use a rules-based solution to merge these leads. It wasn't (and isn't) designed as a solution for long term or everyday use. Considering how much time it takes to develop these rules and to test the merge to ensure no mistakes are made (trust me, I've done it), EasyMerge as a service is pretty good value, it just isn't a solution for anything other than the situation I've described above.

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Re: EasyMerge Service

Veronica hit the nail on the head... using EasyMerge for anything other than one-off database merging doesn't make any sense.

In my time as a Marketo enterprise consultant, I had many clients have great success with some of the launchpoint partners that provide the on-demand services that you seem to be looking for.  Personally, I have had great experiences with RingLead.

I did have a client that used Marketo's EasyMerge on a bi-annual basis.  For their purposes, they could justify the annual cost, and it performed the function they were looking for.  Their goal was to keep their duplicates at less than 2% of their database, but were on a very aggressive acquisition calendar, so about every 3 months they seemed to have another giant batch of names come into their system, so the regular easymerges made it possible.