Data Export Notification

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Data Export Notification

With data security becoming more and more important, we are looking to place additional levels of security when it comes to data exports. I know we can limit who has the ability to export data using roles, but is there a way set up a notification to me every time someone does export a list?

It would be great to see of the people we allow to export, who is actually exporting and how much data they are exporting.

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Re: Data Export Notification

Hi Kevin,

I do not think any notifications are triggered when someone downloads a list from the UI or even potentially using the API's to export data.

I would create a suggestion post for this though



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Re: Data Export Notification

You can find this information in the Admin Audit Trail. Add List and Smart List as asset type filters and Export as the activity type filter. While you cannot generate an automated notification - you can assign an Admin to audit this activity on an as-needed schedule.