Bug : filter "Was added to list"

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Bug : filter "Was added to list"

Hy everyone, 

There is my problem for my satisfaction smart campaign. 


Day 1: I manually import a person into a static list
Day 2 (24h):  all the people imported into the  static list since yesterday receive an satisfaction email.


If it's a lady, she gets lady email.
If it's a gentleman, he's receiving email sir.



This smart campaign has a schedule recurrence each day

People on this list receive this type of email only once. (Run each person through the campaign flow =only once). 

My results : Skipped do nothing was set for the choice, ....

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Re: Bug : filter "Was added to list"

This might be because no lead has satisfied any of the first two conditions mentioned in choices. Please check again or create separate smart list to check if leads are signifying any of these conditions.